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Introduction to Mediation and Arbitration
Basic Principles of Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration
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Nelson on ADR is the essential book on the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution today. Readers are led through the full spectrum of ADR techniques -- from the time-honoured to the cuttting edge -- with emphasis on practice strategies and comments. Lawyers can quickly locate and research the full spectrum of skills, techniques and options that are necessary to function as effective counsel. Students will benefit from this thorough theoretical syllabus, making Nelson on ADR an excellent casebook on this area of practice. Nelson on ADR covers topics that are diverse but inter-related, flowing from negotiation theories, to privilege in ADR, to the practice and philosophy of mediation, to a complete and exhaustive analysis of the nuts and bolts of both domestic and international arbitration. Book jacket, Nelson on ADR, published by Thomson Carswell
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