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Rob Nelson Wrote the Book on ADR

Thirty years in dispute resolution have raised my concern about certain legal processes becoming potentially unmanageable. Clients today are extremely sensitive to the cost (financial and personal) of conflict. Hence, I have increasingly supported effective negotiation, mediation and arbitration techniques, albeit within and under the shadow and guidance of the Courts and the law. Lawyers must master these techniques or be left behind. Writing this book has strengthened my conviction that a desire for effective settlement of disputes is an ancient wish which has been recently rediscovered. The energy and success of dispute resolution processes today is a testament to their historic roots. Books From the preface of NELSON ON ADR, published by Thomson Carswell MORE

Welcome to my Home Page. I offer decades of trial experience and ADR expertise in the resolution of disputes as follows:
  • administrative law
  • breach of contract
  • construction
  • constitution
  • contract and commercial disputes
  • copyright and patents
  • corporate oppression disputes
  • disputes with respect to professionals
  • employment and dismissal disputes (private and public sector)
  • estates and wills
  • family law disputes involving property
  • franchise arrangements
  • government procurement
  • insurance claims
  • intellectual property
  • issues involving directors and shareholders
  • leases
  • libel and slander
  • licensing disputes
  • military contracts
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • municipal law
  • negligence
  • planning and development
  • professional liability
  • real estate
  • tax
  • technology disputes including software
  • trademarks
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